Grellow & Gray – Sirka® Counter


Grellow & Gray is the genius company behind the Sirka® counter.  This counter is for anyone who has looked at a pattern with dread when the words “at the same time” appear.   This multitasking counter lets you track up to three counts at the same time and will even remind you when to stop.

Choose between the “Bird” or “Flower” colourway and then choose either the classic or lapel view.  The lapel view is upside down like a lapel watch.

The Sirka® counter really does take the frustration out of pattern reading and will change the way you knit.

Want to keep your Sirka Counter protected in style?  Why not get a Sirka™ Bento Box, especially designed to fit your counter snugly .  They are available to buy separately here.


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Weight 70 g


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