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Zinone Feature

Summer Holiday Project – Kate’s Zinone II

  Part two of Kate’s Zinone top, let’s see how she’s getting on… Wales was great, I spent some lovely time with my family and I got to meet some llamas at the Blackrock Llama Centre. Now back to reality unfortunately means less knitting time – sad face. I am however pretty pleased with where I Read the full article…

Montbretia, Wendy, Book of Haps, Kate Davies

Summer Holiday Project – Wendy’s Montbretia II

Wendy is close to finishing her Montbretia and it’s going to be gorgeous, in this post she talks about her progress and the enjoyment she has knitting this pattern. I’m definitely not a monogamous knitter and sharing knitting time between several projects means my hap is still very much a work in progress. Although, with less than Read the full article…