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A history in Christmas Jumpers

For the first time this year we are hosting a Christmas Jumper Along, starting this weekend, with Suzanne Stallard our wonderful teacher. There will be 4 sessions in which you will be assisted in choosing a project, encouraged and helped with your knitted item. Please note, your jumper/cardigan does not have to be Christmas themed in any shape or form. 

As knitters we have all been asked, ‘Can you knit me a [insert item here]?’. But over the last few years there has been a huge resurgence in the ‘ugly’ Christmas jumper. (All i can see is the incredible craftsmanship, charting and patience which must have gone into making such an extravagant and amazing garment.)

Christmas Jumpers along with all hand knits and hand made clothes were considered elegant pieces that would last a life time…

However with the 70’s came the most outlandish and garish Christmas Jumpers, with swathes of bright reds and greens, over sized snow men and reindeer motifs. The trend eventually passed. But as we look back at old family photos and feel nostalgic we want our Christmas jumpers back.

Here are some wonderful examples of 70’s/80’s Christmas Jumpers found in Beyond Retro.
So lets take Christmas Knitting back, and not coined with ugly or hideous, and especially not calling Colin Firth ‘cringe inducing’.

As with most of our projects we want the item to last the test of time, to be well fitting and the yarn amazing to work with. So on the final run up to our Christmas Jumper Along we thought we would share some ideas and inspirations.

christmasjumper002 Christmasjumper001
From Left to right top row… Ninilchick Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter, Spearheads by Jared Flood, Strokkur by Ysolda Teague, Galloway by Jared flood, Grettir by Jared Flood and Skogafjall by Dianna Walla

(Shhhh, we are just received Marie Wallin’s new Shetland book this week! Keep an eye on our website!)

Until next time… happy knitting! 


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