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A Shawl For Stevie

Anyone else a Fleetwood Mac fan?

Fleetwood Mac are touring in the US and I am praying for a Glastonbury reunion! But out of the whole line up I think Stevie Nicks will always be the biggest icon.  And when this showed up on my facebook yesterday it made me like her even more!

Stevie is asking fans to design her a shawl in a competition to win $2000.  In a recent statement Stevie said that she has been a textile enthusiast since the 60s and has since always incorporated long ponchos and shawls into her stage clothes because, “I realized that wearing a poncho or a long shawl gave me something to work with up on the stage.  Big movements, big twirls, you need to be seen from far away. So I made that a big part of my stage clothes. It became totally intertwined in my fashion style.”

The competition is being run by Talenthouse, and it asks the designs to be inspired by her ‘mystical visual style and symbolic lyrics’.  The winner will receive $2000, professional photos of the shawl being modelled by Stevie and they will also get the shawl back.  The runner up will receive $500.  Entries have to be in by 22nd September.  You can find more information here.

I don’t think I will be submitting anything, but I have been day dreaming about what kind of shawl I would make her. It would be very lacy and very dramatic, maybe in Tussah silk… What would you make her?

(photo credit, Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)