Around The Web – October 2017

Our monthly selection from the best bits around the web. 

Over the last few years, Karen Templar of Fringe Association and Proprietor of Fringe Supply, has been celebrating Slow Fashion October. We wanted to share with you Karen’s blog. Her pieces are written so thoughtfully and conscientiously.
Slow fashion is important to us here at YAK, both the staff and knit nighters, and we do our best to make clothes for our wardrobes, knitting, crochet and sewing. Karen shares some very insightful views on her hand made wardrobe and how we can help the slow fashion movement. It will certainly get you thinking about where your clothes are made, what from and by whom, and the true cost of fast fashion. 

We highly recommend reading her blog and following her Instagram feed

Wool Week, The Campaign for Wool, The British Wool Marketing Board, British Wool
The British Wool Marketing Board shared a fab video showing snippets of the process wool goes though from herding and shearing the sheep to it being graded and tested for strength and fineness at one of eleven depots nationwide. It shows the land, the hard work of the farmers and how auctions happen in the 21st century, highlighting the importance of trace-ability of the fibre. Its a fascinating insight into all the things that happen before the scouring, spinning and dying, before finally being crafted by us. You can watch the film here

© Christine Mayer
Continuing with the theme of slow fashion we are taking a look at up-cycling fashion designer Christine Mayer, Christine teaches the skills to make do and mend clothes as people did years ago. Hand stitching, patching and darning were essential skills and garments were treasured and saved for. In an attempt to bring back the old attitude as well as teaching these skills Christine re-uses worn fabrics and creates beautiful up cycled clothes and accessories. Find out more information about her brand in this Selvedge article and on her website

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!