Artists Open Houses 2017

You can ask any Brightonion, they will all tell you that May is probably one of the best times of the year to be in Brighton. Summer is on its way, the beach has once again been taking over by happy crowds of students, tourists and locals, and most importantly, it’s the month when the city hosts simultaneously its four iconic festivals; Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe, The Great Escape as well the wonderful and inspiring Artists Open Houses. Between all the gigs, shows and exhibitions, there is so much to see, so much to do!  So no matter what takes your fancy you’re pretty much guaranteed to find exciting things to go to everyday, and when you simply want to have a drink with your friends, the Warren and Spiegeltent are always there to welcome you in to relax with the festive atmosphere. 

© Bright Moon Theatre

© Bright Moon Theatre

Some of Brighton’s great textile and fibre artists will be exhibiting at the Artists Open Houses this year. Amongst them, Imogen Di Sapia, artist-in-residence at Bright Moon Studio, will be showing her work at 33 Hanover Terrace, alongside fellow mixed-media artist Melody Stacey and painters Sally Welchman, and Adam L Hedley.
Imogen is a weaver, puppeteer, performer, painter who explores traditional form of story-telling  through the theatre company she founded; Bright Moon Theatre. Her beautiful handcrafted puppets and props are made from natural materials, vintage accessories and fabrics woven by Imogen herself. 

© Melodie

© Melodie Stacey

If you like the folk aesthetic of Imogen’s puppets, no doubt you’ll equally appreciate the gorgeous art dolls crafted by Melodie Stacey

Kate Jenkins, Artists Open Houses

© Kate Jenkins – We Are Scout

Knitwear designer Kate Jenkins uses yarns and sequins to reproduce knitted and  crocheted food plates. From her french fries wearing berets to her can of Heinz baked beans, all her pieces are as witty as they are colorful and glittery. Our favorite one would probably be Kate’s Plaice the Stitchmongers, a stall which includes dozens of different amazing seafood. Her work will be exhibited at 13-18 Arundel Place.

At 50 Southampton Street, craftivist Dani Ahrens will exhibit her politically engaged crocheted and knitted pieces. 

From left to right: © Dani Ahrens, Maria Tilyard and Muriel Grimont

From left to right: © Dani Ahrens, Maria Tilyard and Muriel Grimont

Muriel Grimont, Maria Tilyard, Lizzie Pearce and Made by Swimmer are part of the 26 artists exhibiting at 25 Stanley Road. Maria Tilyard combines vintages textiles and embroidery to create colourful animal shaped cushions. Lizzie Pearce on the other hand, uses wool felting to create small figurines that look like wonderful fairy-tale creatures. We also love the decorative soft toys of Made by Swimmer and the rock’n’roll embroidery kits designed by Muriel Grimont

Artists Open Houses, Brighton, May 2017

From left to right: © Lizzie Pearce, Made by Swimmer

Weaver Jenny KilBride will be showing the scarves and throws she has made on her four-shaft Maxwell loom, at 14 Clayton Road – Ditchling. Jenny also uses natural pigments to dye the yarn she weaves with.

1200 artists will be exhibiting at the Artists Open Houses this year, so do not forget to look at the brochure so you don’t miss any of the wonderful art works on display!

Until next time… Happy Knitting!