Brioche Buns

Bursting with Brioche


Is it just me or does brioche (the knitting technique, not the enriched bread) seem to be everywhere at the moment? I would definitely say that it’s the technique of the season. There are a plethora of patterns which have been released in the last few months which use brioche as their main feature and I’m intrigued. The only brioche I have tried is around my burger but with all the inspiration out there I will definitely have to give it a try soon. Here are some of the patterns that have particularly grabbed me.

brioche set 1

1. Opari by Ysolda Teague. From her Knitworthy collection Ysolda describes this hat as one for “those who like their clothes plain and simple, but who are fussy about what that means”.

2. Docklight by Julie Hoover. From the most recent Brooklyn Tweed fall collection I saw this jumper under construction while on the Great London Yarn Crawl a few weeks ago and can confirm it is as beautiful as it looks in the photos.

3. Frost & Flame by East London Knit.  Another pattern I was witness to being knitted up on the Great London Yarn Crawl (I told you everyone is into brioche!). A lovely simple squishy shawl.

brioche set 2

1. Syncopation Adoration by Stephen West. A two colour brioche hat in traditional Stephen West style, as bright as you can bear.

2. Willow by Nancy Marchant. Hailed the queen of brioche Nancy Marchant has a new book, Knitting Fresh Brioche which takes you far beyond the basics.

3. Cidre by Allison James. One of the new patterns which will be released in the upcoming winter issue of Pom Pom Quarterly.
Have any of you tried the brioche stitch? I can imagine it makes a thick and almost 3D textured fabric.


Have you tried brioche? I imagine it makes a thick, almost 3D textured fabric well suited to hats and scarves, but too much for jumpers? What do you guys think? Do you have any favourite patterns using brioche that I have missed out?