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Completed Project- Elodie’s Party Top

It was the middle of summer and for my next project I wanted to knit something for summer! We got some exciting summer yarn in the shop and one of them was the Moya 100% Cotton in the DK. With lovely colours in, I wanted to knit something with it next!

I wanted a top with short sleeves, with a round neckline and a straight body shape. I spoke to Wendy, a great knitter, and she suggested a few patterns, one being the Party Top by AbbyeKnits . The pattern is tight fitting which was not what I was looking for. However the sleeves were short with an interesting stitch pattern and it had a simple neckline. I just needed to adjust the pattern so it would have positive ease on me. Therefore choosing the size that would result in the finished bust measurement being bigger on me. So decided to follow size L.

When I was looking at the Moya colour selection I was really drawn to the dark green Oregano, but felt it would be too dark for me to wear during summer as a full solid colour so I looked at pairing it with the light blue colour Thunder. I thought both colours would work and did a few drawings of different options of how I could pair them together. I decided on the one where the colour of the ribbing was different to the body, as I thought it was the most visually interesting.

I cast on during knit night here at the shop on Thursday, which was great because everyone is there to encourage you, and I needed their help. I decided I wanted to have smaller neckline than the size L has. However, as we talked through this we realised I would need to knit more rows to get to the right amount of stitches at the end of the increases for the sleeves. This could go wrong as the extra rows could make the underarm be much lower and make the fit wrong.

For the ribbing I used the colour Oregano and for the main body I used Thunder. I was really excited to see how the two colours would look like when knitted next to each other. By the next knit night I was just about to get to the separation of the sleeves. I was so pleased with the two colours next to each other, and the pattern on the sleeves where quiet fun to do. I did struggle at the start as I didn’t understand where the stitch markers where meant to be on the top, which meant I got confused on where I should start to follow the chart.

It was lovely to knit with the Moya, it feels really soft and light and the subtle change of colour creates a lovely pattern. It was plain knitting after I separated the sleeves, and I was so excited how it would look with the green ribbing at the bottom that it didn’t take me long to knit it at all. I didn’t do any decreases on the body as suggested in the pattern because I didn’t want it to be fitted.

When I picked up the stitches for the sleeves I saw I would need to continue with the yarn over pattern. I got a bit lost with were I should put the yarn over so I compared it by eye and hoped for the best. I don’t think I’m too far off. On the pattern it said to decrease every 5 rows but I wanted short sleeves so I did every other row for 15 rows. This let me add two rows with yarn overs. Then I finished it off with the ribbing. I felt so relieved when I finished the sleeves as they did not take long at all, not like when you finished your first sleeve on a jumper and you start on your second one and the only thing you can think of is your next project.

I am happy and lucky with how this top turned out. I challenged myself to adapt a negative ease pattern to be a positive ease, and I learned to look at the sizing and measurements of my body and how it affects the pattern. The extra rows for the sleeves separations are not too low and the neckline is the perfect. When looking closer to my tension, I can see that it is not even everywhere. I think this is because the cotton is quite soft so I struggled to keep it even. I am very pleased with how the colours have turned out together. The light blue makes the green ribbing stand out more. The yarn is a really soft and light. This is a classic top for me that I will be able to wear for years to come.

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!