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Completed Project – Kate’s Love Note

When Caroline, the wonderful dyer behind Life in the Long Grass sent me photos of their newest base, Hinterland, I had already knit myself a jumper in it in my mind before I had finished placing my order.

©   YAK

As you might have already read in the Gotland episode of our Know your Sheep series, the Gotland has a grey fleece which, along with the fact that it is a non-superwash yarn, gives LITLG’s colours a very different look to their other bases. The colours are fairly muted and the colour changes are gentle in the most wonderful way.
It was only when the yarn turned up and it happened to sit next to our Onion Silk & Kid Mohair that I realised the colours I had chosen were perfect matches for many of the Silk Mohair colours. Perfect matches!

©   YAK

Knitted on 6.00 mm needles with a gauge of 14 sts per 10 cm the fabric is super light and airy but somehow without losing any fullness. I love how much the green mohair brings out the green in the Moorlands colourway and the silk and fluff bring a hint of glamour to whole thing.

I would highly recommend this jumper for anyone looking for an easy win jumper with a high impact finish,

©   YAK

As you will read on many people’s notes on Raverly the Love Note jumper is one of the fastest jumpers to knit, probably ever! A fellow knit nighter cast her’s on and off in a week. When I saw that I just had to see if I could do the same.
I didn’t quite manage it that fast of course. It took 2 weeks exactly to the day which I reckon is still pretty good going, even if I did have to use a hair dryer to help it along so I could wear it blocked to knit night!

Until next time… Happy knitting!