crochet classes at YAK

Crochet Yourself a Granny (Square)

Due to popular demand our crochet classes are back at YAK! And this term, for the first time ever, we’ve added an advanced granny square class too.

We are very excited to open up our crochet classes again at YAK. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet or you’d like to take your crochet skills to the next level, this is for you. Our crochet classes are taught by Annie Windley and held in our Brighton store. They provide the perfect place to learn new crochet skills with a nice cup of tea, alongside a small group of other friendly learners.

About Annie Windley 
Annie teaches crochet all across London and beyond. She was taught to knit and crochet by her grandmother as a young child where her passion for craft was born. She trained as a teacher before working as a journalist on women’s weekly magazines. She has always loved making, crafting and passing on these skills to others and recently she took the plunge to leave her job as a journalist to focus on her craft. You can now find her teaching, designing and pattern writing and we are so looking forward to having her with us at YAK.

Crochet Classes at YAK

Crochet Yourself a Granny (square)
If you are a beginner hooker, this is the class for you. Granny squares are the perfect place to start your crochet journey. Through making your first square you’ll learn the basic techniques, including how to crochet in rounds, how to finish your square with an edging and how to follow a pattern and read a chart. You don’t need to have any previous crochet experience and you’ll leave with a square and all the techniques you need to make many more.

Advanced Granny Squares
We are so looking forward to this! If you are ready move on from a basic granny square, this brand new class is for you! In this advanced class you’ll take your crochet to the next level learning techniques such as incorporating 3-dimensional effects like petals, to give your squares added interest and texture. You’ll also learn different decorative ways to join finished squares together. You’ll leave with the techniques needed to design your own squares and the skills to put them together in a different ways for a variety of different projects.

Why Granny Squares 
Granny squares provide the ideal project through which a huge variety of crochet skills can be learnt. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used for so many different projects; blankets, shawls, scarves, bunting, cushion covers and so much more. Here are some projects we’re loving which all have their origin in the granny square (links written below). You can book into our crochet classes here.

Farmhouse Granny Square by Linday Oncken
Granny Square Sweater by Ideal Me
Granny Square Bunting by Salena Baca
Sunset Echo by Elena Fedotova 
Granny Infinity Scarf by Phanessa Fong
Classic Granny Square Baby Blanket by Croby Patterns