Knitmas Crackers

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Knitting Gathering

The holiday season is all about gathering with friends and spending time with our loved ones. Hosting a knitting meet-up can be an excellent excuse to spend a evening/afternoon together with your knitting pals. As professional Knit Night hosts here are our top tips for a successful evening.

From left to right: © Recipe Tin Eats & © Salty Canary

First and maybe most important of all: food and drinks. Let’t not lie to ourselves, no Christmas gathering would be complete without food to snack on. Finger food is always a good option as it gives you the possibility to eat and knit at the same time. Smoked salmon appetisers, veggie skewers or cheesy potato skins are all Christmas classics. Warning: avoid anything too oily so you don’t risk staining your WIPs. And for desert something like Cinnamon buns or biscuits would just do the trick.

Nothing says Christmas like mulled wine. The use of maple syrup as a sweetener is a great trick to give the brew some extra flavour. For the citruses I personally prefer to use dried slices rather than fresh ones. A mulled apple juice is also a very tasty – and non alcoholic – alternative. Prepare it a day ahead so the spices and fruits have time to infuse properly.

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Organising a stash-based Secret Santa can be a really fun way to gift each other presents. The idea is to create bundles out of leftovers from your stash. For example you could all agree on gathering just enough yarn for a small size project like a hat or a pair of socks. Then complete your gift by adding a pattern to match the yarn.

Following on from their success last winter we’ve decided to bring back our Knitmas crackers. This would also be great presents to gift to your knitting gang. Inside each cracker you’ll find:
– A Hedgehog Fibres Mini Skein.
– Two stitch markers.
– A Soak travel sachet.
– A party hat.
– And of course a knitting related Christmas joke!


Now when it comes to Christmas knitting we’ve all got our own traditions. Many of us like to plan ahead for a special project to cast on on the big day. Other prefer to get their reindeer jumper off the needles and ready to wear for the family meal. For some it’s all about adding some new me-made decorations to the tree. Whatever you’re into a knitting gathering is the perfect occasion to discuss all of the above and get some inspirations from your friends.

Of course there’s no need to wait until Christmas to meet up with your knitting gang. Remember that we’re hosting a Knit Night every Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm. It’s completely free and everybody is welcome. Hopefully see you then!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!