Deep Water Feature

In Deep with Portuguese Wool

Deep Water 2

This is my Deep Water shawl. Knitted in Beiroa the newest addition to the YAK shelves. Wool like it should be with the smell of sheep permeating. This yarn is spun from the fleece of Bordaleira sheep who live on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, Portugal’s highest mountain range. It is a single ply yarn, rustic with flecks and twists of natural dark brown fibre so even the dyed versions have a natural feel to them.

 Natural Undyed circle
 Antricite circle

These are the colours I used, Natural Undyed and Antracite. I used one skein of each for the Deep Water shawl which was just the right amount for the small version. It was cutting it fine with the blue, a bit of yarn chicken, and I ended up with only about a meter left. Its a lovely pattern, designed by Dani Sunshine. A simple garter stitch centre moving onto chevrons with a concertina edging. The yarn makes this a lofty shawl, warm but your’d have to be pretty un-sensitive to wear this tucked in at the neck. I will wear this on the outside of my coat next winter as an extra layer to fight off the chill.

Produced for Rosa Pomar in Portugal this yarn is a product of her interest and research into traditional Portuguese textiles. The palette of the yarn is clearly inspired by this. The natural undyed colours are complimented by dyed colours which are vibrant but in keeping with the those of traditional Portuguese textiles.  Below are a few of Rosa’s own projects and designs.

Rosa Pomar

All photos (c) Rosa Pomar

 Dijon circle
 Rosa Vermelho circle
 Mar circle
 Verde Circle

It knits up with a wonderful stitch definition. I have visions of cables and lots of colourwork. Left, Traveller Tunic by Joji Locatelli.  Middle, Lean on Me by Anna Maltz. Right, Ommegang by Thea Colman.

Left (c) Isabell Kraemer, middle (c) Anna Maltz, right (c) Thea Colman

Left (c) Isabell Kraemer, middle (c) Anna Maltz, right (c) Thea Colman

We have 12 colours in total, which ones inspire you?