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Jen Hewett x Fringe Supply Co. The Story Behind The Bag

Jen Hewett x Fringe Field BagWe love Hank! The latest Jen Hewett x Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag

The collaboration between print maker Jen Hewett and Karen Templer, the founder of Fringe Supply Co. has once again brought us something truly beautiful; a bag both a joy to use and lovely to look at too. Hank really is pretty special, having all the practical features we love about the ever popular field bags combined with its unique print design, playfully resembling a skein of yarn.

So how did this collaboration come to be? Here’s the story behind it. A story of two creatives, how they found each other and the magic that happened as a result.

Let us introduce you to Jen Hewett, a printmaker and fibre artist based in San Francisco. She is known for her bold designs combining shape and colour to create beautiful, graphic printed textiles. 

Jen Hewett

© Jen Hewett

Jen’s creative journey includes starting a stationary company in her twenties, which she then sold in 2004, taking up a corporate job. Finding her new role less creative, she spontaneously took a screen printing class in 2007 to find a creative outlet.  She was hooked and began spending much of her free time at the screenprinting studio. A year later, during the recession, she was laid off from her corporate job. This meant she could spend as much of her time as possible in the studio refining her skills, sharing her progress on her blog, as well as selling her prints online. 

This is where Fringe Supply Co. comes in! Karen Templer found Jen on Pinterest and became an avid reader of her blog. The way Jen ran her creative business became a source of inspiration to Karen who at the time was just considering starting Fringe Supply Co (and we are so glad she did!).

Karen is a firm believer that it is not just the quality of the items we make that is important, but also the tools and accessories we make them with. She is an advocate of slow fashion and the careful consideration over what we buy and where we buy it from. Thus was born the Field Bag  a project bag that is practical, beautiful and ethically made.

Karen Templer Fringe Supply Co

© Fringe Supply Co.

In 2014 Jen Hewett set herself a challenge to create a different print every week. She called this 52 Weeks of Printmaking, and shared her progress on her blog and Instagram as she went along. During one of these weeks she printed some balls of yarn on a canvas bag. When Karen saw this print, inspiration struck and she asked Jen if she would make some for Fringe Supply Co. Jen obliged and handmade a small batch of bags which sold out almost instantly. They set to work on designing more unique limited edition bags and each time, they sold out in a flash.

Jenn Hewett x Fringe Field Co. First Collaboration© Fringe Association

This brings us Hank, the latest Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag. We know you’ll agree he really is quite stunning and we are so proud to stock this beautiful bag on our shelves. 

You can find Hank in all his glory here!

Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag