Knitting School – Autumn Term

It’s never too late to arm yourself with new skills. Especially if it’s to learn something as cool as knitting or crochet.

This Autumn we’ll have a series of Learn to Knit and Next Steps in Knitting classes running from September to November. In Learn to Knit, students are taught the basics of the craft; cast on, knit, purl and bind off. All of these while knitting a cute set of fingerless mitts! 
Students attending the Next Steps in Knitting are expected to master all of the above. They’ll be asked to choose between two projects: a hat or shawl through which they  learn techniques essentials to follow patterns. These include increasing, decreasing, cables, slip stitches, lace, and those knitting the hat will also learn to knit in the round. Both courses are taught by Dani Sunshine over two sessions of 2 hours. The following classes are taught by Suzanne Stallard aka. Alamawhirly

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Grow a Pair – Sock  Knitting for Beginner is back on our timetable! This class is very popular and fairly intense as students are shown how to knit a baby sock just over one lesson of 6 hours. Once you know how to knit a baby sock, knitting an adult sock is a piece of cake.  The skills taught – knit in the round, decreasing, short rows, seamless grafting – are used in a wide number of patterns and so extremely transferable. Great for ambitious beginner knitters who want to get started on bigger projects! 

In our Pick’n’Mix Mitts workshop take your first step into the world of Fair-Isle!  Only one class has been scheduled so far; it will be running on the 9th and 16th of December from 14:30 to 17:30. 

In our Jumper Along students are guided step by step in the making of the jumper of their choice. This class is such a hit, we’ve decided to program two sessions for the Autumn. Both will be running on the same days with one session in the morning and another in the afternoon. Patterns are picked up during the first session based on each individual preferred fit and skill level.  This class is very popular partly because it is tailored to fit each student’s needs, partly because it is a great way to socialise and meet new people. 

In a similar format is our Shawl Knit Along. Again students get to choose their own pattern depending on their ability and what specific techniques they wish to learn. They’re then provided with guidance all the way through the completion of their shawl. This workshop lasts 6 weeks and includes 3 classes of  2 hours. 

Classes, Knitting, Beginner, Advanced, Crochet, YAK, Brighton


Crochet Youself a Granny (Square) will be the sole crochet workshop running this term. Designed for complete beginners, this class of three hours covers all the basics while showing students how to make a Granny and Sunburst Square. 

Except for the Learn to Knit and the beginner crochet workshop, every students signing up to our classes are expected to knit, purl, cast on and bind off with confidence.  They might find it difficult to keep up otherwise. Those attending the Jumper Along also have to know how to rib and how to read a pattern.

All information regarding the prices and dates are available on our website. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call the shop. Prices do not include material  however students will receive a 10% discount on yarn and needles bought for the classes. For the Jumper Along the discount goes up to 15%.

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!