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New Colours

New colour alert!

With our latest update of Soft Donegal and Shilasdair Luxury 4ply we took the opportunity to get some new colours to add to our already lovely collection. First up Studio Donegal’s Soft Donegal,

 Soft DonegalSoft Donegal
 Soft DonegalSoft Donegal
 Soft DonegalSoft Donegal

It may look a bit like the 90s called and asked for their colours back, they may seem a bit brash but you just need a little imagination. Take this gorgeous fair isle Kate Davies cardigan, Blaithin. Lovely and colourful without a hint of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This cute cardi uses the turquoise for the main colour, and orange, green and oatmeal for the colourwork. Perfect for bike rides.

Kate Davies

Or you could just stick with the 90s vibe and make one of these for your favourite child.

Maggie Jumper

The Luxury 4ply offers up an equally lovely array of new colours.

 Luxury 4plyShilasdair
 Luxury 4plyLuxury 4ply
 Luxury 4plyShilasdair

Shilasdair dye all of their yarns with natural dyes which astounds me every time I look at them. It doesn’t feel like that long ago I knitted up my Juniper sweater in this yarn. I can tell you it has worn beautifully and has softened even more over time.