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On the Needles | Bigger Bag = Prettier Socks


On the Needles

I posted the picture above on Instagram yesterday and was all ready to have something more to share with you today, but I ended up going to a gig last night so I haven’t managed to get much more done than what’s pictured.  With nothing on my needles I decided on Monday to start two new projects.  One big jumper that I have been planning on making for ages and nice easy pair of socks, for on the go pub/train knitting.

Caramel Latte (c) Dani Sunshine

Caramel Latte (c) Dani Sunshine


The jumper is Caramel Latte by Dani Sunshine AKA Lionessarts. Described as “and oversized hug of a sweater” it just looks so snugly, perfect for long winter nights in which I will probably substitute the latte for mulled wine. It should be the perfect time for picking up a worsted weight jumper, the season is changing, the days are getting shorter.  Never mind that we’re having an Indian summer, I will plough ahead anyway and maybe it’ll be ready for when the temperature does decide to drop.


And for socks I decided on this lovely pair, Arionette from the latest Autumn issue of Pom Pom Quartery.  They are striped with a slip stitch repeating pattern.  I am going to be using up some odd ends of sock yarn so mine might not turn out quite as nicely coordinated as these ones.  Also, having to carry around three balls of wool doesn’t make for super easy transportation but ah well, I’d rather carry around a bigger bag and have prettier socks.

I will post up more photos when I am further along. What are you working on at the moment?  Have you dived into autumnal knitting yet, or are you holding on to the last thread of summer?