On the Needles

Do you dream of your next project while you’re in the middle of your current one?

About half way through my Juniper I started dreaming about what I wanted to cast on next.  I am normally a semi-monogamous knitter, I tend to knit a lot of one project and then put it down and start another and then alternate between the two. Because the Juniper was supposed to have a time limit I knit nothing else while working on it which, coupled with all that sticking stitch, gave me plenty of time to contemplate life and dream of my stash and what it was to become.

The main thing I thought about was knitting anything other than stocking stitch.  I was well in need of a bit of texture or lace holes, or just anything really.  So I chose this, Late August by Silvia Bo Bilvia.  I didn’t even clock the relevance of the name until someone pointed it out on twitter.  The pattern can be knitted in either lace or worsted weight but I went for the lace.  Here is where I am up to.

The yarn is a cotton silk blend (I think 60/40 but I lost the band) I picked up at Prick Your Finger in London last year.  The picture doesn’t do the colours justice at all. The grey blue is variegated with a reddy purple running through it in the most satisfyingly subtle way.  The pattern is worked from the centre and grows quickly and I am now at the point of huge row repeats.  I made the mistake of taking it to a knit night just as I was starting a new lace repeat.  The mistake I made was of course right at the beginning of the row and I think it might have taken me longer to undo it than to knit it in the first place.  Lesson learned, this one needs concentration.

And then a hat, a nice simple hat for when my brain needs something easy. The yarn is Eden Cottage Yarns Oakworth DK in the colour Stone. Its a lovely grey pink and and is just lovely to knit with.  I’m not using a pattern, I just cast on and waited for inspiration to come.

It wasn’t until I looked at these pictures together that I realised they are such similar colours. Maybe I am entering a grey/purple faze.  I also have a small completed project and a triumph.  I crocheted myself a friendship bracelet I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  It took a few goes but it zigs and zags as it should and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed.