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Pokemon Go: You Gotta Crochet’em All!


To see people walking aimlessly down the streets, staring at their phone is not what you could call an unusual sight. However you might have noticed lately, youngsters (and not so youngsters) getting overly enthusiastic, with no apparent specific reason, while walking around by themselves phone in hand. Well if you did and wondered what might have put them in such jolly mood, good chances are they were having a pretty good time playing Pokemon Go. A reincarnation of the Japanese game, which first hit the scene in the late 90’s, was released in the UK a couple of weeks ago and already thousands of people have downloaded the app, ready to catch’em all, all over again.
The success was so immediate that a Pokemon Go dating service, Pokedates, was even created short after the release of the game.

Pokemon Go

If you have not grown up in the 90’s, the reasons why a phone app would create such craze amongst teenagers and young adults might seems quite obscure. And really we could not blame you, as catching imaginary animals with super powers and eccentric names should have been something we grew out of pass the age of 12. Well, here is the trick, unlike average video games, Pokemon Go uses virtual reality to superimpose characters from the game onto real images filmed through your phone’s camera. Therefore it cannot be played at home as you need to walk around to catch more pokemon and so progress into the game. This make it definitely more appealing to people who would rather be outdoors instead of staying in. Players also need to go to Pokestops to restock their pokeballs, or to the gym to train their team. Pokestops and gyms also use real locations, such as historical buildings or popular meeting points, encouraging gamers to go outside and interact with each other.
Basically the core of Pokemon Go is pretty much the same than the original Gameboy game, but in a much better, realistic and interactive version. So if you were already into Pokemon in your younger years it would be very difficult to resist getting back into it.

So what is the link with knitting – you might wonder? Well there isn’t. Or at least not completely. As for the past few days, social media platforms have been flooded with Pokemon related articles, we thought it could be fun to go with the flow and find some cute soft toy Pokemons crochet patterns to share with you. Here is a selection of the 6 best we found and good news is most of them are free!

Psyduck and MistyPartly because of its inability to fight adequately in the cartoon series, Psyduck might not be the most popular of all Pokemon characters. But let’s be honest, isn’t it super cute with its silly face?
We really like this version made by Tracy who used a pattern by Linda Potts.

Eevee CrochetEevee was one of my favourite as child because it had the ability to evolve into eight radically different pokemon depending on what type of stones was given to it.
Auriana has combined two different patterns to create this lovely version of Eevee.

CharmanderRodoudouJigglypuff and Charmander were also big hits around the playground. Those versions by Anna Carax and Becca de Kroon should charm your children too.

Pikachu Pokeball

Of course we could not write an article about Pokemon without including the most famous all, Sasha’s best fighter Pikachu! And now you started your pokemon crochet quest you might as well make yourself a little pokeball to complete your collection.

You don’t need to be a Pokemon expert to enjoy those patterns, beside this could be the occasion to impress your kids with some unexpected crocheted gifts.  Also, many more patterns are available online, so do not hesitate to rummage through Ravelry for more inspiration!

Until Next Time…Happy Knitting!