Aimee Vient – Sweater Worthy


Come and join us at YAK for this one-woman show, Sweater Worthy written and performed by Aimee Vient.

Follow a woman’s journey of self worth, through knitting as she figures how to live with grief, heartache and depression in a pandemic. Knitting or crocheting is encouraged during the performance.

Sweater Worthy, written by Aimee Vient, is a love note to herself. Used as a tool to reflect her current mental health all while knitting. When it comes to the fibre arts, Aimee learned to knit at the age of 6, picking it up here and there throughout her life, it wasn’t until she started knitting sweaters that her love for the craft grew.

Aimee has spent a lifetime writing plays. She’s been lucky to be produced both in the US and in the UK. In her studies, she’s written plays about self discovery, family dynamics and rewritten Shakespeare into a modern political satire. In the past she had the amazing opportunity to take another one man show about insomnia to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sweater Worthy has been performed in the USA and will be heading to Edinburgh in August.

The show will be approximately 1 hour. 

This is a pay what you like show. You can now book your ticket for free but please note that we will be taking donations at the door at the end of the show. Suggested donation: £5



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