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Remember when you finally learned how to ride your bike? Wasn’t that an awesome day? We haven’t forgotten how great it felt to take the stabilisers off, so we’ve got a brand new year of learning for you to enjoy. Twelve new techniques, twelve patterns from twelve fabulous designers, twelve sets of photo and video tutorials, and most importantly, twelve opportunities for you to experience the joy of mastering something new!

Each of the monthly projects is for an accessory, allowing you to complete each project in a reasonable amount of time. The projects are accompanied by stepwise photo tutorials as well as online video tutorials, and you can join in with the knitalong threads for each project over in our Ravelry group.

Projects include:

  • Bramen Cowl by Nancy Marchant (Tuck stitches) 
  • Sterlyn Shawl by Joji Locatelli (Correcting mistakes in lace knitting) 
  • Totally Tubular Mittens by Sarah Hatton (Tubular cast-on method in the round) 
  • Apple Swizzle Hat by Thea Colman (Dip stitches)
  • Heartgyle Socks by Julia Farwell-Clay (Intarsia in the round)
  • Skystone Armwarmers by Felicity (Felix) Ford (Choosing colours for stranded colourwork)
  • Flying Leaves Scarf by Carol Feller (Brioche knitting, including increases and decreases)
  • Marangoni Hat by Tori Seierstad (Joining in yarns for colourwork) 
  • Sooper Sweater by Anna Maltz (Marlisle)
  • Peaks and Troughs Hat by Jen Arnall-Culliford (Double knitting, including decreases)
  • Alcedo Socks by Wendy D. Johnson (Gusset short row heel for toe-up socks)
  • Brunny the Bunny by Ella Austin (Finishing techniques for toy knitting, including sewing together, stuffing, embroidering faces)

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