ChiaoGoo – Twist Interchangeable Shorties Set


The Twist Shorties interchangeable sets are all about knitting small circumferences!⁠

The Large (Mini) set includes 5 (6) different needle sizes. Each sizes is available in 2 different length (5 and 8 cm) for a total of 10 (12) sets of stainless steel needle tips.⁠ These needles have a smooth seamless join which your knitting will glide over without a hint of snagging.

These sets also include 3 memory free-cables in 13, 15 and 20 cm length allowing you to create super short circulars with length ranging from 23 to 36 cm long.⁠ When including all the differentials, this adds up to a total of 9 different lengths!⁠

The mini set comes with needles tips in sizes 2-3.25 mm. Perfect for sock knitting, lace and 4ply yarns.⁠
The larger set comes with needles tips in sizes 3.5-5mm.⁠


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