Pom Maker – Donut Pom Maker


This sweet Donut Pom Maker makes crafting delicious. It makes perfect pompoms every time and is made from wood sourced from sustainable forests. Happy hands, happy environment, happy crafter.  

This medium sized pom maker makes pompoms between 2.5″ – 3.5″ depending upon yarn used & wrap count and the amount of trimming. For smaller pompoms see the Macron Pom Maker



What makes the Pom Maker so special? 

Original design for easy wrapping & comfort for your hands
The separate parts design makes wrapping a breeze & quick! Heavy users of pompom makers (some of us) love how easy they are for their hands, even on arthritic hands!

Round & full pompoms that need little trimming
Stop wasting your precious wool & time for all that trimming. 

Solid beech wood from sustainable forests
Made for conscious makers and happier crafting

Safe, non-toxic paint
Good for everyone, including little crafters.

Versatile Pom Pom Maker for All Levels
They are loved by the beginners for the ease of use and by the pompom masters for its sturdiness and versatility.

Designed for making complex pom poms
It makes perfect simple pompoms, but the separate parts design also allows more ambitious designs easier to plan, wrap and finish.


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