Sirka Update

Shop Update | Sirka® Counters & Bento Boxes

Does everyone love post as much as me?

Post Day

It probably helps that I own a yarn shop but I still get super excited whenever a huge package comes to the door. And this one was no exception.  Not only was it restock of the fabulous Sirka counters but it included their brand new colourway “Flower” AND the Sirka Bento Boxes.

Flower Sirka Counter

Like the original “Bird” colourway the new colour comes in both classic view and lapel view.  The boxes are Japanese style bento boxes, stylish, fun and very practical.  They even come with a little felt shape to sit on top of your counter to keep it extra snug inside it’s box.

Bird Bento Box

Flower Bento Box

The elastic band keeps the box shut held in place by ridges either side of the box.

Flower Bento

The counters and boxes are sold separately.  Boxes can be found here, and counters here.

According to Sara AKA Grellow & Gray, the new flower colourway can openen up some strong opinions on the colour pink. Which are you?  A flower or a bird?