Socks: What’s New?


Hello knitting lovers,
Like Whiskey aficionados fighting over their preferences between the Irish spirit vs. its Scottish little brother, knitters have their own battle ground over their techniques of predilection. Especially when it comes to sock knitting. Some of us are devoted defenders of the traditional double pointed needles, while some others feel more comfortable Magic Looping with their circular needles.

leeleetea, Project bag, Magic-loop, Double points

Here at YAK it doesn’t matter if your preference leans toward one way or the other, as we have plenty of needles, kits, accessories and of course yarns to suit your taste!Cocktail Range

The yarns! A great selection of colours are available in Schoppel Wolle’s Admiral Druck and Crazy Zauberball as well as West Yorkshire Spinners’ Signature  4ply. We love the German brand Schoppel Wolle for the crazy names they give to their yarns; Cats Please and Poisoned Dwarf are some of our favourites. However, if you’d rather knit socks with a more classic look or with some intricate detailing that need showing off we would advise you to pick up one of the many beautiful plain colours that the WYS have on offer.
We also added 5 new colours to our selection of Signature 4ply; Mojito, Blue Lagoon, Tequila Sunrise, Rum Punch and Sherbet Fizz. All are part of the Cocktail Range, the latest colour collection by the WYS.Project Bag, Leeleetea, ChiaoGoo, Mini Needle Tips, Schoppel Wolle, Admiral Druck, Socks, 4ply


So, you’re on the side of the magic loop. Has the desire to find tiny interchangeable circular needle tips often tickled your mind?
If yes, we have some great news for you. ChiaoGoo recently released a new range of mini needles tips with matching cables and they’re all available in our shop and online store. The ‘Twist Mini’ collection includes 5 pairs of needles tips from 1.50 mm to 2.50 mm of diameter and 3 cables of 35, 55 and 75 cm long. Perfect not just for socks but for lace and other meticulous knitting projectsChiaogoo twist mini set

If you think having all 5 sizes in your collection make the most sense, we can also provide you with the Twist Mini Interchangeable Set. The full mini kit is composed of;
• 5 pairs of mini tips
• 3 cables
• 2 cable connectors
• 2 end stoppers
• 6 Stitch Markers
• Needle gauge/ruler
• 2 keys
• Heart-shaped rubber gripper
• Sleeve with labeled pockets to hold the needle tips
• Compact 2 pocket case to keep everything secure

Even though we only received those sets last week, they have been selling like hot cakes! So well that unfortunately we’re already out of stock. But do not fear, we’re in the process of ordering some more and they’ll be soon ready for you.
(Twist and Spin Interchangeable Sets are also available in size small and large, and include a similar range of accessories.)

DPN project bag

For those who prefers to use double pointed needles, we have plenty of those in our sleeves too. Both stainless steel and wooden, available either in one size or in sets of multiples needles, you’ll surely find whatever you need in our selection of DPN needles.

And to complete your Set what could be cuter than the lovely project bags shown in the post by Natalie Selles also known under her design name leeleetea? Choose your side and carry your socks with pride!

Sock Knitting Project Bags

Which is your favourite technique for sock knitting? And do you have a favourite yarn? We would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment and share your side of the sock knitting fence you lie.