Summer Holiday Project – Kate’s Zinone


The third and last summer knitting project this week comes from Kate.

My summer holiday this year was in North Wales. Criccieth to be more exact. A really cute little town right on the coast. A cute little town right on the coast approximately 9 hours from my own cute little town right on the coast! So I needed 18 hours worth of train knitting, something nice and complicated to hold my concentration.


We featured Zinone by Andy Satterlund in our pattern round up post last month and it was one of those patterns which caught my eye and then I didn’t stop thinking about it for weeks afterwards. The lace back really appealed, I decided on the the full lace back, but I’m not sure yet what length to go for. Most of the projects on Ravelry so far are the longer version but I think I might be leaning towards the cropped, or perhaps somewhere in between. It’s top down so at least I don’t have to decide now.


My initial thoughts on which yarn to choose instantly went to Kalinka, the perfect substitute for whats used in the original but then I changed my mind. Instead I’ve decided to use the way more decedent Dye for Yarn Tussah Silk. It is gorgeous! I love the colour, Lost in a Coniferous Forest, and knew the drape would work really well for this shape of top.

Zinone Swatch2

Getting gauge, or should I say, getting around the gauge was a bit of a challenge. My first swatch on the recommended 3.75 mm was way to big, even just looking at it while knitting I could see it wasn’t coming out right. Down to 3.50 mm and it was still too big but I worked out that if I did a size smaller than intended I should reach my size. I did a swatch on 3.25 mm just in case but it didn’t like the fabric as much, it wasn’t as drapey and still didn’t get me down to the right gauge. Not only is my stitch gauge out but also my rows, even more so but in the opposite direction so I will have to do more maths to work out the how many repeats of the lace to add but I will do that as I go. So then I proceeded to cast on, stupidly on 3.75 mm as I’d forgotten to change the tips…

So after a false start I cast on again and I am away!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!