Summer Kid Club

Summer Kids Club


The summer holidays are only a month away and we all know how difficult it can be to find fun activities to keep your children busy during this time out of school. So we have been brainstorming, trying to see how we could initiate your kids to the wonderful world of knitting while keeping the playful spirit of holidays on the go. Our solution, Summer Kids Club – three tutored sessions of 2 hours each opened to all children aged between 6 and 14. Sessions will run in August and welcomes kids of all level.

Summer kids club knitting for kids

If you are afraid that knitting is not the right thing for your child think twice. Knitting is great to develop motor skills, concentration and offers an amazing channel for stress relief. It is also the occasion to provide your kids with a craft that will last them a lifetime while enhancing their sense of creativity!

The club will propose three different projects for your children to create – a phone case, mittens or a cowl – depending on their level and fancy.
For the youngest ones, it could simply be the occasion to discover new material, learn few stitches and of maybe attack one of the projects if they feel confident enough. Most importantly it will also be the occasion for children to make new friends in a social and creative environment – because after all, it is what holidays are all about, right?

Of course there is no obligation to attend every sessions as you can book them individually. However please note a discount will be applied for those booking the all three.

Educative, fun, social, playful and creative it is what we want the club to be, so come and join us at YAK in August, for some quality time at the Summer Kids Club!