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Montbretia, Wendy, Book of Haps, Kate Davies

Summer Holiday Project – Wendy’s Montbretia II

Wendy is close to finishing her Montbretia and it’s going to be gorgeous, in this post she talks about her progress and the enjoyment she has knitting this pattern. I’m definitely not a monogamous knitter and sharing knitting time between several projects means my hap is still very much a work in progress. Although, with less than Read the full article…

Book of Haps, Kate Davies, Montbretia, Carol Feller

Summer Holiday Project – Wendy’s Montbretia

Today in the second episode of our summer holidays trilogy, Wendy introduces us to her latest knitting project!   As a big fan of Ravelry I don’t tend to buy many knitting books. However, a quick flick through the new Kate Davies The Book of Haps had me standing at the till purse in hand! Along with Read the full article…