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beginner socks

On Sunday at YAK we had our first sock workshop. Five lovely ladies rocked up raring, they were armed with 2 sets of 2.50 mm 40 cm circular needles, some delightful self striping sock yarn and they were off!

Classes at YAK

I’ve never heard so many giggles as they worked their way through casing on ready to work in the round, ribs and legs then on to turning the heel and forming the gusset which is when the concentration faces came out!

Sock workshop

They worked up a short foot before learning to decrease the toe and graft the last few stitches together. And they all left with their very own tiny sock armed with the pattern to make their next one adult size. Just look how lovely they are…


Want to try your hand at knitting socks? We have another class scheduled for the 19th April. See all the details along with all of our other classes on the classes page.