Vale, Brooklyn Tweed, American Wool,

Vale – Brooklyn Tweed

Introducing Vale by Brooklyn Tweed. The latest yarn to join our shop in Brighton.

Vale is a 2ply lace weight yarn spun from 100% Wyoming grown Rambouillet Wool. Brooklyn Tweed is know for its breed-specific yarns, amazing colour palettes and beautiful design support. We have all 14 shades of Vale which come in a range of beautifully curated pastel colours and saturated accents.

Rambouillet Wool is an off shoot of a Merino sheep and can be known as the French Merino. The fibre is bouncier than a normal Merino and is very soft and hard wearing, the yarn is Worsted spun which adds to its springiness. This fine yarn is perfect for lacework and accessories. Each skein weighs approx 50g and is approx 411.5m (450 yards). 

We cant wait to get this on our needles and our dreaming of light weight garments and airy accessories! Here are some patterns we have found that would be perfect for Vale…

Buryu by Jana Huck gives you the opportunity to feature all your fave colours. Both these light weight wraps are equally beautiful but we love the different takes each knitter has had on their own. 

Buryu, Jana Huck,

© Purlificknitter / © nordilinga

Mylys Summer Shirt by Katrin Schneider is a light weight summer top which can be knit with or without sleeves. Whilst looking quite plain on the front, the back panel has a lovely lacy motif. Knit in Vale this top would be a light as a feather, easy to wear garment. 

Rock Island by Jared Flood is a timeless piece from Brooklyn Tweed, using only two skeins of Vale this piece has some challenging lace work in between some relaxing garter stitch. How classy does it look in this colour?

Brooklyn Tweed, Vale, Jared Flood, Rock Island

© Brooklyn Tweed

And lastly Whiteout by Melanie Burg is an interesting mix of stripes of lace work. Using a neutral colour as the main lace fabric, you can accent it with any of the vibrant colours in the Vale range. 

© Melanie Berg

© Melanie Berg

Come into the store to get a squish of this delish new yarn! Don’t forget Thursday night is knit night! 6 – 8 pm.