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Walk Collection: Delicate Merino

This week we are looking at the return of one the most stunning yarns in the shop. Delicate Merino is a beautiful hand dyed yarn by Walk Collection which is now back in stock at YAK with some new colours.

Walk Collection

Salt Lake, Offshore, Cosmic Chaos

This yarn is a heavy lace weight with around 600 meters per 100 g. It’s a single ply which makes the colours stand out wonderfully and gives them a depth and shine you don’t get with plied yarns. Super soft next to the skin you’d be forgiven for thinking they had silk in them.

Mystery, Arsnic , South Sea Pearls

Mystery, Arsnic , South Sea Pearls

You don’t need me to tell you that there are some fabulous shawl patterns out there but I will anyway. There are some fabulous shawl patterns out there which I think would be even more fabulous knitted in Delicate Merino. In fact, this one already is!

Walk Collection delicate merino

Veera Valimaki has given the description “large” a whole new meaning with this one. It’s huge (there is the option to make a small version) but because the yarn itself is so light this would make an amazing wrap you could use right through autumn and winter. The clever use of colour means you also won’t have the tricky situation of having to choose just one colour.

Another pattern which is hugely popular at YAK is Ishbel by Ysolda Teague.

Ysolda Teague

Ishbel is a triangular lace shawl with a vine lace pattern and elegant scalloped edge. It’s the large version which calls for lace weight and would need just under one skein of Delicate Merino. Over on Ysolda’s blog there is a great post about blocking lace shawls. I always think the transformation from a shawl looking scrunched up, weird and holey to smooth, flat and detailed is just amazing.

You can view our full range of colours here.

Delicate Merino

Permafrost, Silex