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Yarn In Review: Moya Cotton DK

Three weeks ago we introduced you to our latest cotton yarn; the south African MoYa’s cotton DK. Straight away we loved the softness of this hand dyed yarn and its incredible colour palette. So as you can imagine we were really eager to show you what kind of wonderful projects you could create with it. Wendy has knitted this lovely cardigan, Ice Cream Sundae by Dani Sunshine, and has kindly accepted to share her experience of knitting with the MoYa DK Cotton.

Why did you choose to use Moya cotton?
I loved the colours as soon as they hit the shelves in YAK and was keen to try it out. The Moya colours just shout spring and summer and it seemed the perfect yarn for a lovely, summery Ice Cream Sundae shrug (by Dani Sunshine).

How did you find it to work with?
It knit up really well and I had no issues with it all.


What size needles did you use?
The label calls for 3.5mm – 4mm and I used 3.75mm, so bang on!

Did you wash and block it?
I did! I wash and block all projects so this was no different. First a lovely bath in Soak then just laid flat to dry. The fabric definitely softened up and the stitches evened out a bit.


Which other kind of projects do you think it works well for?
I think the possibilities are endless – anything for kids and babies (this yarn is machine washable after all!). Summer knit tops and tanks, cardigans etc. There is definitely huge potential for crochet projects too.

What would you say to anyone who hasn’t used cotton yarn and might be concerned about the texture?

Give it a go! As I said, I didn’t have any issues at all. Sure, it’s not as soft as wool yarn but it wasn’t uncomfortable to worth with in any way. If you are concerned why not try a small project, you’ll see what I mean. The finished fabric is lovely, certainly soft enough for a baby’s skin.



Thank you so much Wendy for answering to all our questions and we hope that MoYa Cotton DK will inspire you, fellow knitters, in your next knitting and crochet creations! If you want to see more beautiful garments knitted by Wendy, do not hesitate to follow her on Raverly and Instagram.
And for those who are not 100% convinced yet, here is a taste of some of the 26 shades available at YAK.


MoYa Group Colours