YARN the Movie

YARN: The Movie – Screening & KAL

On the 9th of October, Duke’s at Komedia will screen YARN, a documentary by Una Lorenzen, co-directed with Thordur Johnson and Heather Millard. YARN explores the relationship between arts & crafts and fine arts by following international artists who brought yarns into the street through wool graffiti, circus performances and structural designs, giving a new dimension to the tradition of knitting and crochet.  

Within the Modernist analysis of Art History, arts & crafts and fine art have often been opposed as being manifestations of low and high cultures.  It’s only with the emergence of Post-Modernism in the 1960s that this distinction slowly collapsed, allowing artists to redefine arts & crafts as distinctive art forms. Even though the struggle to see their art being accepted as such is still real for some contemporary artists today. Feminism and the role of women within the art world is also a topic covered in YARN. Again Modernism typically discarded arts & crafts as being purely feminine and/or household related in opposition to intellectual, male dominated fine arts and made it more difficult for artists using traditional crafts to be taken seriously, no matter how skillfully they mastered their techniques. 

Obviously, we are really looking forward to seeing this movie, and what a best way to celebrate the art of knitting and crochet than to organize a KAL? 
Thus we invite every knitters attending the screening on the 9th of October to bring with them a project they could knit while watching the film. Then they’ll be welcome to donate their items to Emmaus, a local homeless charity. For anyone who hasn’t have finished their item by the end of the movie you’ll be able to drop them at the shop, anytime before the 23rd of October. And of course, anyone who hasn’t seen the movie but still keen on donating is more than welcome to do so. 

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!