2202 Soft Women Sandnes Garn Booklet

Brand: Sandnes Garn

The 2202 Soft Women booklet is a collection full of beautiful wardrobe staples. You will find 9 fabulously soft jumpers, including one gansey style, one zipped, and a lacey one. You will also find a slip-over vest, a top, two dresses and a pair of socks. Simple shapes but impactful knits to wear. Most are knitted from the top down, so you can easily decide how long you want the sleeves and body. 

2202 Soft Women chooses yarns which are, as you might imagine, soft. Several designs use the popular combination of one strand of smooth yarn held with one strand of a fluffy yarn. A combination we’ll never get tired of.  

These Sandnes Garn booklets are always a great resource that you will come back to. This one is full of both impressive knits for those who want a challenge and simpler projects for those who are not so experienced.


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