Mohair – Mix it Up

Mohair is having a moment and we don’t mind one bit, especially as we welcomed some brand new mohair from Onion to our shelves this week. Something we are really excited about is mixing mohair with another yarn to make the most of two different fibres and to create some really interesting textures. Here are two ways to mix mohair and some patterns to add to your Ravelry queues. 

Hold it Double

We are loving the possibilities that arise from working mohair held double with another yarn. Firstly, we love the challenge of finding two yarns that compliment each other perfectly and it really is rather exciting finding that perfect colour match. Alternatively, using two different colour yarns together can create a brand new colour. This completely changes the way you look at your stash or yarn shopping and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Aside from the creativity of colour matching, another thing we love about combining mohair with a second yarn is that you can create a fabric that combines the best properties from the two different fibres. For instance, pairing mohair with a more rustic woolly yarn adds in just a touch of softness and luxury while remaining robust and hard-wearing.

Here are some patterns for holding mohair double:

Magnolia by Camilla Vad
This delicate jumper uses lambswool and Silk Mohair worked together for a warm but light jumper with just a touch of a fluffy halo. We also love that beautiful lace pattern at the bottom of the body and sleeves.

Magnolia from Laine

© Laine Magazine | © Camilla Vad

No Frills Sweater by PetiteKnit
This jumper is another good example of blending a mohair and silk blend with a more robust yarn to create one fabric which has the best of both worlds. This is a jumper for everyday wear so you want it to be hard wearing and adding mohair just adds something a little bit special.

No Frills Sweater for Onion Yarn

© PetiteKnit

Soirée by Emily Foden 
Soirée is worked using mohair held double with an alpaca blend. This jumper is a good example of using two yarns that aren’t a perfect colour match yet they still compliment each other perfectly. 

soiree for Onion Yarn

© Nicole Mlakar

Alternate it

Another way to mix mohair with a second yarn is working alternating sections; a section of mohair followed by a section of your second yarn. This creates some really interesting patterns, textures and adds intrigue to the garment. The patterns:

Elton by Joji Locatelli 

We love how mohair has been used with merino to create these really interesting stripes. The yarns used here are exactly the same colour way, but the sheerness of the mohair panels put next to a block of merino creates a really beautiful contrast. 

ELTON for Onion Yarn

© Joji Locatelli

Paleta by Caitlin Hunter 
Paleta can be found in the most recent issue of Amirisu. The pattern alternates between a sheer section of mohair and a panel of colour work. We also love the blocks of solid colour at the neckband, cuffs and border. This is the perfect jumper for playing with different colour ways and how they work with the alternating textures. We also think switching between plain stockinette and colour work would make this one really enjoyable to knit too. 

paleta mohair

© amirisu

We’re sure there are loads more patterns out there for mixing and blending mohair with other yarns. If you know of any, let us know in the comments. We’d love to see! 

Finally, say hello to Onion Silk + Kid Mohair. Onion, from Denmark is a new brand for us at YAK and this mohair is really quite stunning. It’s a blend of 40% Silk with 60% Kid Mohair which gives the yarn the most beautiful glow and silky softness. Perfect for some mohair mixing. 

Onion Mohair Silk