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YAK Beginner Guide to: Needles

Interchangeables, circulars, DPNs, straights, bamboo, steel: there are so many options when it comes to needles and as a beginner it can be overwhelming. Although finding the right needles is mostly a matter of personal preference there are definitely key characteristics to think about when getting a new pair. 1. Straight Needles. The traditional needles Read the full article…

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Know Your Fibre – Alpaca

Remarkable for its softness alpaca is one of those fibres that feels incredibly luxurious to knit and to wear. Over the last 10 years it has gained popularity amongst knitters and yarn producers as an equally soft but more sustainable alternative to cashmere. ©  Mother Nature Network History: Alpaca is part of the family of Read the full article…

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Blocking: what’s it all about and why is it important?

Blocking is one of those words that knitters bandy around and, like lots of knitting and crochet terminology, it doesn’t really mean much until you’ve had it explained. Along with washing, blocking is the final step of your project and it is the step which transforms your project to an accomplished conclusion. There are 2 Read the full article…