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I want to first let you all know, I love this cardigan, and it makes me very happy.

This cardigan is designed by Katrin Schneider it is the Winterfell in Aran, she also has the pattern for a sport weight. I chose to do in Aran because I wanted the slip stitch pattern to be thicker. I used the Studio Donegal Soft Donegal yarn, in green. This is my first item of clothing in green, I went out of my comfort zone with the colour and I’m glad I did. It is that lovely colour of fresh leaves growing on trees in spring time. Also, I wanted to be able to wear it during spring so it needed to be a colour that would be colourful and light. So I think I chose the right colour.

Winterfell 001 | yak
© yak

The pattern was easy to follow. This is my first cardigan I have made and also first time I did a slip stitch pattern. Katrin has a video tutorial to show how it’s done but I did not think it was clear that you should only knit through one stitch, so it took me a while to figure out why I kept having less stitches than I was supposed to at the end of the first row. However, once I understood how to do the slip stitch, it was easy to knit. You just need to make sure you have the right amount of stitches when you increase to keep the pattern aligned. I forgot to increase on one side of a row and I only realised when two slip stitch lines were going to join up at the bottom.

Winterfell 002 | yak
© yak

Once I finished knitting the body and the sleeves, the button band and the buttonhole band were next. I picked up the same amount of stitches on both side, as I thought that seemed logical to do. Next was to go choose buttons, I received a good tip at the beginning to choose your buttons after you finish knitting the garment, so you can check the size and also how aesthetically they would work together. I found some lovely ones here at the shop.

Winterfell 003 | yak
© yak

Overall I’m very happy with this cardigan, the pattern is simple, and it’s got a lovely stich pattern at the front. Studio Donegal was lovely to knit with as it is very soft. I ended up making the second size and using 4.5 skeins of the Studio Donegal. Turns out as the colour of the yarn is light and colourful, I’ve been able to wear it lately as it’s been windy here in Brighton, keeping me warm and happy!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!

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