De Rerum Natura Berenice

55% super kid mohair 25% silk 20% wool
25 g = 210 m (229 yds)
Needle size:
2.50 mm – 5.00 mm
18-30 stitches 28-48 rows = 10cm x 10cm (4inch x 4inch)
Fibre origin:
Kid Mohair (South Africa) Mulberry Silk (China) Organic Merino (France)
milled & dyed in the Tarn region, France
hand wash


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Luxuriously Silky

Berenice by De Rerum Natura is a beautiful lace weight yarn. The core strand has a subtle sheen to it, giving the overall yarn a lovely shimmer. 

Berenice would work well by itself for a translucent, ethereal look, or held together with another strand of yarn to give a fluffy halo to a project.

The silk content in this yarn makes it extremely soft, while the wool and mohair provide the beautiful fluff. 

Berenice de rerum natura yak floorboards | yak
De rerum natura brand logo transparent | yak

De Rerum Natura champions sustainability and transparency. This is reflected through every aspect of their business practices. 

Based in France they specialise in European merino yarn. 50% of the merino wool comes from certified organic flocks raised by transhumance in the French Alps.

 Transhumance is a type of pastoralism  in which flocks are moved from one grazing ground to another flowing a seasonal cycle. It is still commonly practiced in the mountainous regions of France. The rest of their fleece is sources from small traditional farms chosen for their respect for animal welfare. 

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Pattern Inspiration

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