Hiya Hiya Safety Pin Stitch Markers

These rainbow coloured safety pins from HiyaHiya, work great as standard safety pins but also make lovely stitch markers, smooth and snag free.

We love how thin those stitch markers are as you barely feel them on your needles when you knit. They work particularly well with finer yarns where bigger markers may feel too bulky. 

Each pack contains 10 pins of assorted colours.

Hiya Hiya Snips

These scissors from HiyaHiya, are safely stow away  in either a kitty or a puppy shaped head for maximum cuteness.  

They easily cut through yarn and thread and are small enough to keep on your key ring so you will never find yourself without scissors again.

The perfect scissors to carry around when you travel and want to keep your tool case to the bare essential. 

Hiya Hiya Double Pointed Needles Sharp Steel

These Hiya Hiya Double Pointed Needles – or DPNs – are 15cm (6″) long and made of stainless steel. They come in sets of 5 needles giving you the option to spread your stitches over 3 or 4 needles.  

They are smooth, light and very sharp just like their name.

DPNs are the traditional needles used to knit small circumference items – like socks, mittens and sleeves – in the round.  We find them particularly helpful to knit stranded colourwork on small circumferences as they allow for more even work. 

Hiya Hiya – Aluminium Crochet Hooks

Brighten up your next crochet project with these colourful lightweight aluminium crochet hooks from HiyaHiya.

These hooks comes in size 2mm – 10mm, each sizes being a different colour. Size 12.00 mm & 15.00 mm are made of a glittery acrylic so they remain light weight and easy to work with.

The aluminium is not alloyed with nickel.

Hiya Hiya – Sharp Fixed Circular Needles

As the name suggests HiyaHiya sharp fixed circular needles are wonderfully pointy. Using needles with sharp tips makes for more a accurate and therefore a faster knitting experience. Perfect for intricate stitches and lace. But we love them for all our projects. 

The high quality and precisely tapered tips are made from stainless steel and are hollow making them one of the lightest metal needles around. 

The signature blue cables are made from flexible nylon. The seamless join to the tip makes for a really pleasurable knitting experience. Your stitches will flow with ease. 

The size is laser printed onto the side of the needle tip. 

Hiya Hiya – Bamboo Fixed Circular

Bamboo needles are a favourite amongst many knitters. The smooth and silky finish to the wood is kind to the hands, feels wonderfully natural and has the benefit of warming as you knit. 

The high quality and precisely tapered tips are made from resin injected bamboo which offers exceptionally strong tips which are resistant to splitting or warping. 

The cables are made from a lightweight, strong and flexible nylon. There is no need to worry about stitches catching. The seamless join to the tip makes sure your stitches will flow with ease around the needle. 

The size is laser printed onto the side of the needle tip. 

Hiya Hiya Darning Needles

Use these colourful, lightweight darning needles from HiyaHiya, will fix knitted garments, or to sew in ends on a finished piece.  Each pack contains three different coloured needles.

Hiya Hiya Locking Stitch Markers

These colourful Locking Stitch Markers from HiyaHiya  come in packs of 12.  

Their rounded tip has been specially design to avoid splitting your yarn when attaching the markers onto your needles. They are lightweight so suitable for use with even your finest lace weight yarn.

Stitch markers are essentials to knitters and crocheters alike. They are used to highlight specific sections of your project to know exactly where you are in your pattern. This could be something as simple as the beginning of the round or something more intricate like a textured panel. 

Hiya Hiya Yarn Ball Stitch Markers

Sometimes all you want if some fancy stitch markers to adorn your favourite wips.

This Yarn Ball Stitch Markers by Hiya Hiya comes in a small set of 6 stitch markers.

Shaped like miniature balls of yarn, each pack comes in assorted colours and fits up to size 10 mm needles thanks to their thin but roomy loop. 

Hiya Hiya Cable needles

Make the cabled knit of your dream with these colourful Cable Needles by HiyaHiya!

The needles are plastic and come in either solid colours or transplant and sparkly, both will bring some fun to your knitting and it will be a lucky dip which one you get.

Each pack includes 3 sizes that can be used with any weight of yarns ranging from lace to super chunky.

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