Tulip Tapestry Needle Set

Tulips Tapestry Needle Sets come in different length and thickness, packed in a handy case with magnetic button closure.

The needles have a large eye making for easy threading and the tip is perfectly rounded to avoid splitting the yarn.

Your perfect tool for binding off, seaming and sewing on buttons!

Thin set comprises 5 needles and would be suitable to work with finer yarn, including lace, 4ply, sport and DK. 

For heavier yarn we’d recommend using the
Thick set which includes 4 needles.

Tulip – Point Protectors

Those adorable Point Protectors by Tulip are made from Elastomer, a rubber-like material which has a little bit of grip. This ensures the protectors have good adherence against your needles and won’t slip off.

They can be attached to one end of your DPNs to turn them into traditional straight needles or at the end of your regular needles to stop your stitches slipping off when you put down your work. 

It is essential to choose the right size protectors to ensure a snug fit against your needles. The Small set fits needles in between 2.00 and 4.00 mm. For anything up to 6.5mm opt for the size Large.

Tulip Knitting Needle Gauge

This Knitting Needle Gauge by Tulip can measure up to 21 different needle sizes. A very handy tool when using needles that don’t have their sizes engraved on the tips or to convert UK to US sizes and vice versa.

This Knitting Needle Gauge also includes a ruler on each side, measuring 2 in on the left and 5 cm on the right. So no excuse to not check your stitch and row gauge before starting a new project.

Thanks to its convenient shape it can also be used as a bobbin!

Tulip Bamboo Crochet Hook

Tulip‘s Bamboo Crochet Hooks are beautifully made. Light but strong, they warm in your hand and give a very smooth crochet experience.

Bamboo has a light grip which gives you more control over your crochet making it harder to loose a stitch. 

A great option for beginners or for people who enjoy the warm feeling of wood against their skin. 

Tulip – Etimo Rose Crochet Hook

Tulip‘s Etimo Rose Crochet Hooks naturally fit your hand and are easy to hold, offering a smooth crochet experience.

Their ergonomic and cushioned handle improve grip and help to prevent fatigue from hours of crochet. This is particularly helpful when crocheting with smaller hooks as your hands and wrists are more like to tense-up. 

The premium smooth hook tip makes it easy to hook and pull through.

Tulip Tulip Stitch Marker Set (Pin)

These Tulip tulip shaped stitch markers come in a set of 15. They are user-friendly and stylish, coming in a mix of three colours, orange, white and blue. 

Designed specially with a round-nose these locking stitch markers will not split the yarn while you easily pick up stitches. 

In both knitting and crochet they can be used as guides for increasing/decreasing stitches and though they resist falling off, they are easy to put on and remove. 

They come in their own handy tin!

Tulip Heart Stitch Marker Set (Pin)

The Heart Stitch Markers by Tulip come in a set of 15 markers packed in their own metal tin. They are cute and easy to use, coming in an mix of three colours, pink, green and blue. 

They are designed specially with a round-nose to avoid splitting your yarn when attaching the markers onto your needles. 

Stitch markers are useful to knitters and crocheters alike. They can be used to highlight specific sections of your project, such as the beginning of the round or points of increase and decrease.

Deluxe Tool Gift Set

Perfect for any knitting bag!

The Deluxe tool kit comes with all the tools you need in one handy tin box, with a little bit of extra sparkle! This tool set would be the perfect gift for any knitter, novice or pro. Be safe in the knowledge that they will have all the top quality tools they need with enough space in the tin to add to their collection of tools and notions without worrying about space.

The deluxe tool set includes, 

– Parrot Scissors
– Tulip darning needles in a range of sizes
– Chiaogoo heart stitch markers, complete with tin
– Shimmery tape measure

All perfectly housed inside a sturdy metal tin box measuring 14 x 12 x 4 cm. Please note that colour of contents may vary.

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