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As 2019 is drawing to an end we would like to thank you all for your continued support this year. And for those who are celebrating today let me wish you, on behalf of the whole YAK team, a very merry Christmas.

Before you go on feasting with your loved ones I’d like to share with you some of my latest considerations on Christmas jumpers. Last week Kate and I were invited to judge a cardigan competition – yes for real – at the Jolly Brewer in Brighton. The rules were quite unclear so we pretty much had to make them up as we went along. In the end it was all very good fun and we managed to find some lovely hand knitted pieces including some pretty cool Fair Isle and Intarsia numbers. FYI the winner sported a hand knitted Intarsia cardi with zip, shawl collar and multiple geese knitted across the back and front.

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©  anna wilkinson

All this Christmas knitwear extravaganza got me thinking. I really want – nay need – a Christmas jumper for next year. The idea sort of cross my mind early in October but like 90% of the stuff on my end-of-year to-do list I didn’t get my head around making it. Mainly because this requires to knit the said jumper before December has even started which almost feels like decorating your tree 2 months ahead.

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©  amy appel

Anywho I’ve started lining up a few potential patterns which hopefully will materialise in some beautiful Christmas attire next year. On top of my list so far are the Holly Cardigan by Anna Wilkinson, the Betty & Judy Lodge Sweater and The Night Before Ski Sweater, both byAmy Appel. All have a nice retro vibe to them and although this is not the kind of look I usually go for I think they could look really good as a one-off party piece. Plus the Christmas ornaments are subtle enough I could probably cop knitting them before December.

On that note let me wish you once more a merry Christmas to you all and whatever your plans are for the holidays I hope you’ll enjoy some quality time packed with knitting and woolly goodness!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!

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