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Blocking: what’s it all about and why is it important?

Blocking is one of those words that knitters bandy around and, like lots of knitting and crochet terminology, it doesn’t really mean much until you’ve had it explained. Along with washing, blocking is the final step of your project and it is the step which transforms your project to an accomplished conclusion. There are 2 Read the full article…

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Spring Clean: Knitwear Care.

In our previous Spring Clean article we’ve established that keeping your woollies clean is a key step in preventing moth infestation. Many washing machines today come with a gentle wool cycle featuring low temperature washing with low speed tumbling and spinning. Low temperatures will protect your knitwear from felting while low speed spinning and tumbling Read the full article…


Mending: How To Make Your Knits Last

We’re all familiar with that little sense of disappointment that came with finding  a hole in a very much loved piece of knitwear. Fortunately there are many solutions to this common problem, and depending on the size and location of the hole, you’ll find some mending techniques more suitable than others. Many bloggers and designers have Read the full article…