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Natural Dyes Explained

As time goes on natural dyes have grown more and more in popularity. They offer a environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic pigments. They give dyers the possibility to create beautiful colours using readily available ingredients and age-old recipes. Like any trend, it comes with its lot of controversies and misconceptions. Today we’re going to debunk Read the full article…

Ditchling Museum, Ethel Mairet, Dyeing Now, Exhibition

Dyeing Now – Contemporary Makers Celebrate Ethel Mairet’s Legacy

By establishing itself in Ditchling in 1920, the Guild of Saint Joseph and Saint Dominic made of this small Sussex village, a vibrant creative hub attracting artists and craftsmen from all around the country. Today from the Guild only remains Ditchling Museum, a small but thoughtfully curated gallery space dedicated in exhibiting the work of men and women who were once part Read the full article…