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You know those yarn leftovers that just sit in your stash because there isn’t quite enough for a whole project. Here are some mini project ideas to make the most of them:

1. DIY Wrapped Earrings by Flax and Twine for the Creature Comforts Blog
These earrings are so simple to make but create a big impact. This tutorial uses embroidery thread, but we think these would work well with some leftover yarn too.

Leftover yarn earrings
© flax and twine for creature comforts blog

2. Playful Leftover Yarn Mittens
Why not mix and match your leftover yarns together for a pair of mittens. We love that each hand is different in these playful pairs.

Yarn left over mittens
© photograph by bryon gardner for martha stewart

3. Woven Bangles by My Poppet Makes
Woven bangles to match the earrings?

Yarn left over bangles
© my poppet makes

4. Colourful Clockwork Cosy by Inger
How about using up those leftovers to give your clock a makeover. 

Left over yarn clock cover
© retrobaby

5. Yarn Wrapped Block Printing
Definitely not just for kids. Wrap some yarn around a wooden block to make some creative wrapping paper, gift cards or a print for your walls.

Left over yarn print
© modern parents messy kids

6. Scraps for the Birds
This is a good one for those really small scraps of yarn. Pop them in a bird feeder for the birds to collect and add to their nests. 
(edit: to confirm, natural fibres only)

Left over yarn for birds
© green bees blog

edit: to confirm, natural fibres only for this one.

There we go, some jewellery, a jumper for your clock and something for the birds! How do you use up your yarn leftovers? 

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  1. Sigh, the birds’ nest thing isn’t good for birds. If your yarn has any nylon or acrylic in it it’s not biodegradable and thus is literally trash in the environment. Also, even if 100% natural, if your yarn is not green like a leaf or brown like a twig it is going to be reducing the birds’ nest camoflauge… So I’d highly recommend y’all don’t do this.

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