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What to do with yarn leftovers

You know those yarn leftovers that just sit in your stash because there isn’t quite enough for a whole project. Here are some mini project ideas to make the most of them:

1. DIY Wrapped Earrings by Flax and Twine for the Creature Comforts Blog
These earrings are so simple to make but create a big impact. This tutorial uses embroidery thread, but we think these would work well with some leftover yarn too.

leftover yarn earrings

© Flax and Twine for Creature Comforts Blog

2. Playful Leftover Yarn Mittens
Why not mix and match your leftover yarns together for a pair of mittens. We love that each hand is different in these playful pairs.

yarn left over mittens

© photograph by Bryon Gardner for Martha Stewart

3. Woven Bangles by My Poppet Makes
Woven bangles to match the earrings?

yarn left over bangles

© My Poppet Makes

4. Colourful Clockwork Cosy by Inger
How about using up those leftovers to give your clock a makeover. 

left over yarn clock cover

© retrobaby

5. Yarn Wrapped Block Printing
Definitely not just for kids. Wrap some yarn around a wooden block to make some creative wrapping paper, gift cards or a print for your walls.

left over yarn print

© Modern Parents Messy Kids

6. Scraps for the Birds
This is a good one for those really small scraps of yarn. Pop them in a bird feeder for the birds to collect and add to their nests. 
(edit: to confirm, natural fibres only)

left over yarn for birds

© Green Bees Blog

edit: to confirm, natural fibres only for this one.

There we go, some jewellery, a jumper for your clock and something for the birds! How do you use up your yarn leftovers?