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A completed project and a happy birthday boy. Okay it may have been a couple of weeks late, but not too bad.


The pattern is Yabane by Kyoko Nakayoshi. The overall cable pattern reminds me of wishbones. It’s pretty simple, a 6 row cable section followed by 7 rest rows. It’s easy to memorise once you get going and means no boring stocking stitch! Everything is knitted in the round from the bottom up and you finish by picking up and knitting the neckband and sewing on the sleeves.

1x1 | yak
1x1 | yak
1x1 | yak

I would have actually had it done on time if not for the neckline. I ended up casting it off 4 times! First off I started with a normal cast off which I should have known wouldn’t work. Second Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy cast off which was better but was still a struggle to get over his head. Then I tried a tubular cast off which is my favourite stretchy cast on so I thought it would be better but no, it was worse. My last attempt was Zimmerman’s sewn cast off which hurray hurray was just right and slipped over Richie’s giant head no problem!


The yarn was just lovely to work with. Studio Donegal Soft Donegal is an aran weight made with 100% merino. I love the tweedy flecks and I think it shows off the cables really well. I knitted it on 5 mm needles which gives a nice tension without it being super solid like some of the traditional aran patterns. A perfectly cosy jumper I’m sure I will be borrowing…

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