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Since the beginning of Me Made May 2017, more than 5 thousands photos of amazing hand-made garments have been posted on Instagram!  The variety of these clothes is spectacular and ranges from simple t-shirts to elaborate pairs of jeans and knitwear. They come in all sorts of shapes, fabrics and colours, testifying the incredible creativity of the arts and crafts communities across the world.

From left to right; ©
From left to right; ©  ruedesrenardsorianalkleila.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Me Made May was created eight years ago by Zoe – from So, Zo… What Do You Know? – to encourage the making and wearing of home-made clothes, and to promote a way of consuming fashion that is truly sustainable. Participants are asked to set themselves a challenge that would require them to wear some of their hand-made garments during the month of May.  Most often, participants pledge to wear one hand made item – sewn, knitted or refashioned – for each day of the month. Of course this is not a competition and participant encouraged to set a pledge that is challenging but also achievable depending on how many hand-made clothes they own. 

From left to right; ©
From left to right; © natalie janemargerites, bristol ivy katharine.


Looking at other people’s makes is a really good way to keep yourself motivated to include more hand-made and hand-knitted garments into your wardrobe and go-to outfits. The fine level of craftsmanship displayed by some participants also makes you realise that when you want something to be done right, you’d pretty much always better do it yourself. Not only, the clothes you make are more likely to really suit your taste and body shape but they’re also more likely to be better finished than most mass produced clothes. Also for those in the pursuit of developing a closet that is entirely sustainable and ethically sourced, making as much of your own clothes as possible, is probably the best way to achieve your goal. 

From left to right; ©
From left to right; © myhandmadeyearludivineemmdhurata daviesnähliebe.

All in all, we love Me Made May for bringing together sewers, knitters and makers from across the world, and for celebrating creativity and craftsmanship in a such inspiring way. Many participants have shared some of their outfits on Instagram using the hashtag #mmm17, so do not forget to have a quick look online to see all their gorgeous creations!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!

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