Camarose, snefnug, basic sweater, pattern review, completed project

As soon as I came across Snefnug I knew it was going to be pretty special. I have come across similar blends by other companies but have always been disappointed that they always has an element of nylon involved, normally in the chainette core. So I was really excited to find this blend by CaMaRose which is all natural, using cotton at the chainette core. 

Img 2550 scaled | yak
Camarose 001 scaled | yak
Peach snefnug | yak
Camarose, snefnug, basic sweater, pattern review, completed project

I decided to knit a little sample for the shop straight away and found that Trine, the founder of CaMaRose has a lovely collection of patterns designed specifically for Snefnug.

The Basic Sweater looked to be the perfect quick knit which I knew would look adorable in the shop. The pattern instructions are pretty basic and it wasn’t the most straight forward pattern to follow. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner knitter but if you’ve knitted a few things before it shouldn’t be too hard to decipher. 

The yarn itself was everything I’d hoped. Living up to its name – Snefnug mean snowflake in Danish – it is light, airy and soft. Using a 6.00 mm needle kept the fabric light but I can imagine it would look really good at a tighter gauge too and would be even fluffier. At this looser gauge the jumper knitted up really quickly. 

Snefnug 003 | yak

CaMaRose’s yarns have a palette like no other. From light and bright to soft and subtle they are all stylish and highly wearable colours. I already have plans for another jumper for me. I’m thinking of the Sunday Sweater by Petite Knit or the Air Cardigan by Miriam Jarrs. 

Camarose, snefnug, basic sweater, pattern review, completed project

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