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The Summer Kids Club has ended for the summer and we have been super impressed how quickly they all picked up the basics. Even those who attended only one session managed to finish at least one of their hand warmers. Not too bad for beginners right?

Summer kids clubAged between 6 and 12, the girls spent the morning chatting about very important matters; their favourite books, animations, cocker spaniel puppies and the joy of the holiday break. In this relaxed atmosphere they learnt how to knit as much as they got to know each other. When asked what their favourite part of the Kids Club was, they agreed that after knitting, they really enjoyed meeting new people. Overall it was pretty much the same as our Thursday Knit Night, except we didn’t let them go to the Eagle for a refreshing pint of ale afterwards.

Summer kids clubSeveral of them have knitters in their family and so already had a bit of experience behind them.  However as Esme (12) pointed out, it was great to benefit from the help of a proper teacher and found Suzanne explanations very helpful. Those who approached yarn and needles for the first time did equally well.

Summer kids club
On the left florence and on the right bella, showing off their newly made hand warmers.

6 years old Florence confessed ‘my mummy is waiting for me to teach her when I go back home’ and so with this huge responsibility on her shoulders, she was really keen on learning quickly.
Overall they all find it easy peasy. Zulejka (11) who attended the three sessions completely mastered her knitting as she managed to finish her set of hand warmers, learnt how to pick up dropped stitches and even started to knit a hat in the round!

Summer kids club
From left to right: zulejka, molly and esme. Note how esme matched her hand warmer to her outfit, demonstrating already a great sense of style.

We were really pleased that when asked the question; will you keep knitting at home and would you like to come back for the next session on the 25th of October, they all answered Yes unanimously, with a big smile on their faces. Now ready to bring back their needles, yarn and new skills home, a new generation of knitters is born. Our mission is complete.

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!


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