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There is always hot debate in knitting circles when it comes to knitting gifts for friends and family. Some just knit for family, some for an even smaller selection and some for no one but themselves. I can completely understand that stance, I do knit for friends and family but only for people I know will appreciate the hard work and love that goes into it. Mostly those who lived through my early knitting and wore their wonky hats with pride.

I just spent the weekend in London for the birthday of a friend I’ve known since I was nine. She has been the gracious recipient of many knitted gifts over the years, some definitely better than others and this year I decided to make her a Walrus.  Why not?

Wally the woolrus

I saw the pattern on the Little Bobbins video podcast a few weeks ago and really wanted an excuse to make one. The pattern is Winston the Walrus by Ashley Yousling and is the first in a series she is bringing out called Little Woolens. Naomi christened hers Walter, Wally for short and he came out to the pub with us and was hugged a lot.

Birthday hugs

Wally drinks

The only change I made was to use chunky wool instead of worsted weight because I wanted it to come out bigger.  I used leftovers from other projects but the main yarn is Rowan.  It’s knitted in the round so no sewing up except sewing the hat on. The hardest thing I found was doing the French knots for the eye, I still don’t really understand how you do them, mine just accidentally worked.


I’d definitely recommend the pattern, it was a quick and easy knit and made a great present even for a big person. Do you knit for other people?  What are your specifications for someone being knit worthy?

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