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Here is a little tip for you. In the rare moment you run out of inspiration and do not know what to knit next, have a look in the Ravelry queue of one of your favourite designers. There’s a good chance that if you like their patterns you’ll also like where they get their inspiration from. They most likely have some cool designs you’ve never seen before and it can be a great way to get your knitting mojo back on track.

© bristol ivy

This week we’re going to look into the queue of Bristol Ivy, a prolific designer from Portland – Maine, USA – whose elegant and contemporary designs have elevated her to one of the key figures of the American knitting community. You’ve probably came across her work in publications like Brooklyn Tweed or Quince & co., and more recently stumbled upon her Peace de Resistance mitts, a witty design released for the Women’s March of Washington which has already collected more than 200 projects on Ravelry. 

Deschain, pam allen, aran, lace
© pam allen

Unsurprisingly Bristol’s queue was full of good stuff. The first design that caught our attention was Deschain by Leila Raabe, a cropped linen top decorated with a dainty lace panel at the front. With its three quarter sleeve and slight over sized fit, this top would be really pleasant to wear over the summer. Although it’s been designed with linen,  it would probably work just fine with some Shiny Happy Cotton or Billy Jean Yarn. Cotton would obviously be a little heavier, but it would most importantly keep the nice flowy drape of the top.

© postscriptlove
© postscriptlove

We do love a good yoke, so does Bristol. With TeljaJennifer Steingass simply enhanced the intricate colour motifs of her design  by contrasting it with a minimalist ballet neckline. The absence of ribbing around the neck subtly puts the accent directly onto the yoke which echoes the colour-work around the sleeves and the hemline. Gilliatt would work wonders with this project!

Farmhouse, amy christoffers
© savory knitting

Farmhouse Cardigan is one of those timeless piece that you’ll be as happy to wear tomorrow as you’ll be to wear it in 10 years time. The kind of rib/waffle stitch that covers the body give it an original touch and nice bouncy texture.  Match it with some Cyrano, and you’re guaranteed to knit yourself a long-lasting cardi, super warm and cozy.

Hazel, dk, bec brittain
© bec brittain

Hazel the Humpback Whale might be the oldest item on Bristol’s queue, but it’s also far too adorable to not feature in this post. Originally designed with a DK weight yarn, many Ravelrers used Aran or Chunky yarn, to create a much bigger version of Hazel. Great project to put a big smile on the face of your little ones. 

Hope this post will inspire you in your next projects, and of course until next time… Happy Knitting!

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  1. I can spend hours on Ravelry looking at others want-to makes… and then adding them to my ever increasing, when am I ever going to find time to make all these lists!

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