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Two weeks ago, we invited you to share on Instagram your first knitting project of 2017 by using the hashtag #newyearcaston. We were really pleased to see how many of you answered to the call, so we thought it would be nice to show everyone’s progresses in a short blog post. 

Tanya, svana, ulysse, wendy, socks
From left to right; © kitsybabcock © wendeeflys

 Tanya has been super proficient as she already finished her New Year Cast On and it is an absolute beauty! Svana by Diana Walla, was originally published in the collection Glen:Fall 2016 and was designed in grey, blue and white. Tanya slightly changed the colourway by using two variations of blue, and a white De Rerum Natura Ulysse, which work really well together, and are just contrasted enough to gives lots of impact to the wave motifs. 

Wendy also broke a record by knitting socks for her nephew in only 4 days! He loved and worn so much the socks she knitted for him two years ago that a replacement pair was very much needed. 

Suzanne, yabane, soft donegal, kim, skiff, merino dk
From left to right; © alabamawhirly, © punkmik

Suzanne nearly finished her version of Yabane by Kyoko Nakayoshi, knitted in the beautiful Soft Donegal by Studio Donegal. We’re obviously surrounded by very efficient knitters, as Emma also finished her shawlMareel by Ysolda Teague – in just two weeks. 

The shade Typewriter is probably one of my favourite of the Hedgehog Fibre Merino DK, so I was really excited to see Kim starting Skiff with that yarn. No doubt this is going to look great once finished.

From left to right; © divebunny © treeseeker © tig
From left to right; © divebunny © treeseeker © tig

Emma has been pondering on what cardigan she should knit using Retrosaria Beiroa. After swatching on various needles sizes, she finally picked up Naima  and we can’t wait to see her progress!
Tig also chose  Beiroa to knit her Seachange jumper in a beautiful combination of brown and green.  

Waits, bristole ivy, everyday sport, uncommon thread, atlas, jared flood, jamieson and smith 2ply jumper
From left to right; © kate-yak © eugenieg

Kate is knitting Waits by Bristol Ivy using the Everyday Sport by the Uncommon Thread in colour Turbillion. With its minimalist design, Waits will highlight beautifully the light speckles of the yarn.

I – Eugenie – am 7 inches into my Atlas by Jared Flood knitted with some 2ply Jumper by Jamieson and Smith. As I am knitting it for myself, I had to size up the pattern to get 36” circumference around the chest.  So far so good, I am really looking forward to start the yoke, it’s going to be my first colour-work ever!

Other projects to look at are Sue’s jumper, Mairead’s shawl and Peri’s cardi!

If you want to follow the evolution of those projects, they’ve all been linked to their Ravelry pages or you can also have a look to our conversation entitled #newyearcaston on the YAK Ravelry group. 

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my new year cast on! I just finished the hat and it is drying on the blocking mat! Maybe with some help of a hair dryer and the radiator I may be able to wear it tomorrow to the birthday do! 🙂
    Awesome to see everyone’s progress! Loving the jumper progress!

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